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Let’s be honest Milkmen create a lot of paper work and spend a lot of time doing books, bills, orders, and more and spend a great deal of valuable family time at home on weekends getting ready for the upcoming week. What if this was a thing of the past?

In Mid 2018 we started writing the Ultimate Dairy Software System for a London Milk Company. We have tried to think of everything and have brain stormed weekly to try and get things written to the client’s exact requirements

Our system works by creating a cloud based central server that controls all accounts, milkman data, customer accounts and more, which is all accessed by any web browser by very secure logins, which can have various levels of authority, example pickers may need to log in to print out the required milk for the mornings deliveries.

Along with the central server for the office, the customer can create an account to manage their standing order or onetime adjustment as well as pay their bill; all this is done in real time instantly and is reflected into the office system and the milkman’s delivery app straightaway. So in effect we have 1 single software item but with various accesses to it by the use of mobile technology.

We have 2 apps that allow access, the milkman app and the customer app, these are not requirements and are optional, customers can access their account from any web browser and also the milkman can access the system the same way ( imagine if he / she lost their mobile ) so there is several ways to access data securely.

We understand that all dairies work in different ways and what suits one dairy or bottle buyer does not suit another hence the reason why all our software is bespoke and we can therefore write it to suit your exact requirements 100%

Some clients want stock control, some don’t, some want to do only door step, others do semi retail there's a lot in it. Another key feature is keeping traditional doorstep customers happy who do not want to create Internet accounts or perhaps are elderly and do not have software.

Milkmen can download our app that fits any Android phone and see their deliveries for today and the future easily and quickly, they can make adjustments, pay bills they have collected from non-account customers, set holiday breaks and more. If the customer is an internet customer then the customer will do all these adjustments themselves

By combining non internet customers and Internet customers into the system the central server can hold every dairy customer and keeps the traditional doorstep customer happy if they do not want to create an online account. This is one important thing that in our research customers told us. Forcing people to have an online account can cause cancellations and visits to supermarkets   

Connect Directly With Your Milkmen and Customers

The MDS system allows all 3 aspects of the Dairy to connect, Management - Milkmen and Customers all in real time.



MAC / PC / Android

Windows Mac and Android 

No need to go out and buy anthing specific to run the MDS Dairy System Software, any desktop with a web browser is fine and use any Android phone for deliveries 

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