Instant Customer Adjustments

Let your customers make easy adjustments to their orders using our specialist app


Easy Adjustments on the Go!

Customers can log in to their account via any web browser

But some may find it a lot easier to use our customer app where customers can adjust their orders easily, add new products and pay their bill simply and easily as well as creating holiday breaks and more

*  Login into the app
*  Instantly see your order
*  See live up to date bills for last week and week ending 
*  Pay bills, for last week and upcoming weeks in avance
*  Cancel deliveries or adjust quantities
*  Add one time order products
*  Set holiday breaks and more

Simply Download Login and Start Using 

All adjustments are instant, payments, orders , cancellations all are instantly updated provided a wifi or 4g connection is active. The office can see and update customers with any queries instantly. Milkmen can be emailed if required of  any changes. Drop sheets and the Milkmans app is auto updated

Android App

Runs on any android smart phone with a wifi or 4g connection to make live adjustments 


Apple IOS version also available again with a wifi and or 4/5g connection live to website / cloud server

Use a Web Broswer

No app? Broken phone ? No problem simply use any web browser to access your account to make your changes

Quick Questions and Answers

Yes totally free and ad free

Yes of course, for a small fee we can make the app do almost anything you want please ask us

The app is less than 10Mb in size so very small

Very little , depending on amount of usage but around 1-2MB per visit 

Contact Us?

Please get in touch with us, we are more than happy to visit you and show you a complete demo of our system and modifiy it to suit your exact needs.

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