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milk delivery system

Complete Milk Dairy Software..

A quick glance at what our Milk  Delivery System provides in a 1 minute animated cartoon. ( Please have your sound switched on for best viewing )

Milk Delivery at its Best

Our complete Milk Delivery and Dairy Software System allows your business to connect your Dairy - Milkmen and Customers in one portal! Less paperwork for everybody, less emails, quicker payments and better communication. You get easy ordering, stock control, adjustments for customers and happy milkmen with far less work and our app delivers perfect delivery and use. Even traditional doorstep cash customers! 

Designed by Rounds men for Rounds men tested by one of London’s largest dairy companies with over 15,000 customers, Customers have an on-line or off-line account, dairy and milkman is notified, bills are automatic, weekly / monthly invoices, reports for every events, debt sheets, payments cash, cheque, online, picking lists, stock control, round sheets, and a lot more. Screenshots of our customer portal is HERE

In House Office System

Manage everything in house, stock reports, deliveries, sales, rounds men, debt sheets, customer orders and more

Milk Delivery App

Deliveries on the go! Swipe left for next customer, mark delivered, mark a payment, on the move or back at the office

Customer Portal

Customers can create their own accounts, adjust orders, pay online, view previous deliveries, set holiday breaks

Deliver Your Dairy Products in Seconds.. 

Use any Android phone to manage and deliver your milk and dairy while out on a round. Swipe left or right to move from one customer to another in seconds, all linked to our cloud server, add door step payments, adjustments , holidays and more or Just do it at the office when back.
It's up to you! 


Cloud Based

No need to go back to the yard if required, data can be uploaded from anywhere

Add Doorstep Payments 

Easily add cash and cheques collected, make holiday adjustments, cancellations

On the Go or After Round

Swipe left for the next customer , see  this weeks bill, todays delivery, 

Print Bills ( See HERE)

For non internet customers, see up to date live bills and print them if required

We are not a jump on the milk bandwagon software company. We have been working with milk companies for over 12 years in various capacities. Our software is designed and tested by real milkmen and dairies. Our Dairy Milk System allows you the opportunity to balance and combine Internet account users and traditional doorstep customers who pay by cash or cheque. Non Internet users are still in the system and they can have their bills printed automatically, no more writing out bills for hours and losing weekends for activities!


Easy Adjustments for Customers

You can see a screen capture video of us using the portal and other system parts below..

Your customers can adjust their order up to whatever time you require directly updating the system. System can email milkman if required and all data is linked directly to the app. Holiday Breaks - Pay Bills -One Time Orders - Past Deliveries




Quick Questions and Answers

Any modern Android smart phone will suffice, something with a screen around 5 inches would  be ideal

Yes of course, we are happy to modify the system to suit your exact requirments, we all work in different ways

No limit at all. Our servers can handle as many as you need

Very little indeed about 25-50MB per round, it even works in off line mode so once the initial login is made if it loses its data connection it will remember until re-connection

Yes, you can print bills directly from the system for doorstep customers to leave, or have bills auto emailed to customers at the end of the week with directions on how to pay, saving you time and hours!

Yes they can, a full breakdown is provided in the customer portal, showing all past deliveries,and future deliveries their current balance and payment options, they can even pay alternative amounts. Example if they owe 16.83 then they can pay £20 and go into credit. 

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Please get in touch with us, we are more than happy to visit and show you a complete demo of our system and modifiy it to suit your exact requirements.

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